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Chicago Pneumatic - Handheld Pneumatic Equipment
CP Handheld Pneumatic Equipment - Pumps
CP Handheld Pneumatic Equipment - Pumps
CP Handheld Pneumatic Equipment - Pumps

Pump it up

Good protection
Double seals protect bearings and motor from water and mud

Cast-iron housing

Easy operation

No damage if running without load

CP Handheld Pneumatic Equipment - Pumps
CP Handheld Pneumatic Equipment - Pumps

Sump pumps and Sludge pump

Sump pumps

Our sump pumps are of the centrifugal type, pumping fluid by means of an air driven impeller. The pump should be immersed in the liquid to be pumped. The liquid will leave the pump through the outlet port. These pumps are designed for high performance and durability.

Both models will pump down to within only (22 mm) from the base. They require no priming and can be run continuously, or even run dry, without overheating. They can be totally submerged, using a non-return valve on the exhaust pipe or an extended pipe ending above the level of the liquid.

The pumps can be used in places where abuse and rough use are inevitable or acceptable in terms of increase in productivity. They are relatively small in size with a very large capacity and thus can be used in confined spaces.

Our sump pumps are suitable for removing water or similar relatively clean fluids from trenches, ditches, manholes or industrial sumps and excavations. The pumps should not be used to pump flammable liquids.

Weight kg 19.5 30.5
Overall Height mm 425 510
Air consumption l/s 47 51
Air Inlet 3/4" NPT 3/4" NPT
Motor kW (hp) 2.2 (3) 2.9 (4)
Minimum Water Depth mm 22 22
Discharge Outlet 2" NPT 21/2" BSP
Minimum Opening mm 210 x 230 230 x 240
Maximum Head m 30.5 27.4
Air Supply Hose Size
mm 19 25.4
Part Number T022224 T022185

Sludge pump
Our sludge pump operates by filling the pump chamber with liquid by means of a venturi arrangement, where compressed air is forced through a restriction in the top part of the pump head, creating an under pressure within the pump chamber. The pumped liquid is then sucked into the pump hamber through an inlet valve. When the chamber is full, this triggers a valve, pressurizing the filled pump chamber. The contents of the chamber are then pressed out through the outlet port.

Our sludge pump may be operated partly submerged. It can also be used for limited suction applications, since it doesn't need to be immersed in the liquid.

Our sludge pumps are suitable for pumping sea water and certain corrosive chemicals as well as water from trenches, ditches, manholes, etc. They can be used in industrial sumps and excavations: wet drilling applications where the pumped liquid contains rock fragments or other solids. The sludge pump can handle liquids containing up to 15 percent solids and including particles up to 25 mm in size. The pump should not be used to pump flammable liquids.

Weight kg 69
Height mm 600
Minimum Opening mm 584 x 268
Maximum Suction m 6.1
Maximum Head m 53
Discharge Outlet 21/2" NPT
Air Inlet 3/4" NPT
Recommended Air Supply Hose mm 25.4
Part Number T024005

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