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ATLAS - Mobile Air Compressors
Our business name is Portable Energy, so ease of maneuverability is something you can take for granted with our compressor range.

Innovation should be simple, and customer driven. Our compressors are easy to use, so you might not notice their advanced technology.

You want your compressor to meet your specific requirements. That is exactly why we allow you to customize your compressor with the widest range of options and features.

Forward thinking for compressed air on the move
The essential companion for companies that need to take the tools to perform their work with them - wherever they go. Towed and transported by vehicles across the globe, our range of air compressors is ready to go, and ready to move - when you are. Developed in conjunction with our customers, you can be assured of the most compact size and balanced design coupled with superior levels of efficiency. Plus, many of our models also come with the legendary HardHat® cover!

ATLAS Air Compressors - The Ready To Go Range

The ready to go range: 2.5-3.5 m³/min / 70-135 cfm

7 bar / 10 psi.

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ATLAS Air Compressors - The Versatility Range

The versatility range: 7-22 m³/min / 275-784 cfm

7-14 bar / 100-205 psi.

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ATLAS Air Compressors - The Productivity Range

The productivity partner range: 19.7-45.2 m³/min / 696-1596 cfm

7-35 bar / 101-542 psi.

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ATLAS Air Compressors - Electric Mobile Compressors

Electric mobile compressors: 25 m³/min / 900 cfm

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