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CP - Excavator Attachments
Hydraulic breakers and compactors for excavators

A give and take
Just as a nail needs to be tough enough to take a pounding from the hammer, our rig-mounted hydraulic equipment is built not only to take a pounding, but also to give one.

Rugged and compatible
Along with the rugged performance, our excavatore attachments are designed to work with the carrier of your choice.

You'll never worry about reliability, because, after all, they're built by Chicago Pneumatic. Designed to get your job done.

Get your job done
Hydraulic breakers and compactors cover a wide range of applications from demolition to waste compaction, from rock excavation to slope compaction and many more.

CP Excavator Attachments - RX Hydraulic Breakers

RX Hydraulic Breakers

For excavators of 1-70 tons. Reliable, rugged and built to last.

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CP Excavator Attachments - RC Hydraulic Compactors

RC Hydraulic Compactors

For excavators of 1-40 tons. High Performance and low maintenance.

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