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Chicago Pneumatic - Handheld Petrol Equipment
CP Handheld Petrol Equipment - Red Hawk Road
CP Handheld Petrol Equipment - Red Hawk Road
CP Handheld Petrol Equipment - Red Hawk Road

Red hawk road
Compact yet powerful

60 J on the move
With 60 J of impact, the Red Hawk Road is one of the most compact and powerful motor-driven breakers on the market. And it's easy to move from task to task.

Ergonomic design
Vibration-reducing handles allow operators to work longer with less fatigue. Hand throttle also provides excellent control

Easy set-up and handling

The compact, portable design requires no cables, hoses or external power sources. It's ideal for applications where you change locations frequently

Quick start
Spring-loaded kill switch springs back into the starting position, so the tool is ready when you pull the cord on the recoil start.

High power
The breaker delivers a combination of high percussive energy and high blow frequency to help you get the job done faster.

Front exhaust
Exhaust is ported at the front of the tool, away from the operator.

Service access
Top compartment opens for easy access to change the filter

Compact yet powerful
Red Hawk Road is the true heavy hitter in our range. The unique design combines an ultra-compact 25x108 mm shank with 60 J of power at the tool tip, delivering enough impact energy to handle silica-rich rocks and reinforced concrete. It all adds up to the same power-to-weight ratio as many pneumatic and hydraulic breakers, but without being tied down to a power source or hoses.

The powerhorse for your jobsite
Applications include breaking concrete and asphalt, sidewalk service, pothole repair/tamping, installing post signs/barriers and fences, and digging frozen or hard ground.

Technical specifications

Model Red Hawk Road Red Hawk Road
Weight kg 22 22.5
Length mm 743 793
Impact energy j 60 60
Blow frequency bpm 1,440 1,440
Power kW 2 2
Motor cc 90, 2-stroke 90, 2-stroke
Fuel capacity l 1 1
Fuel mix % 2 2
Fuel consumption l/hour 0,9 0,9
Alkylate fuel yes yes
Vibration level 3-axis* m/s² 7 7
Sound power level* dB(A) 109 109
Full details of measurement are available in the Safety and Operating instruction of the product. It can be found on www.cpprintshop.com

Part number (ISO Standard Shank)
Chuck size Hex 25x108 mm 8318 0900 61
Chuck size Hex 28x160 mm 8318 0900 25
Chuck size Hex 32x160 mm 8318 0900 21

Download Brochure:

Red Hawk range brochure

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