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Chicago Pneumatic - Compaction Equipment
CP Compaction Equipment - Duplex Roller
CP Compaction Equipment - Duplex Roller
CP Compaction Equipment - Duplex Roller

Duplex roller
Compaction power in confined spaces

Long service life
Hydraulic oil-cooling system reduces unplanned stops and extends machine life..

Lower emissions
A 4-stroke engine with an effective carburetor and a high-capacity air filter allow lower exhaust emissions and reduce service requirements.

Ergonomic design
An ergonomic handle, stepless forward/backward control and compact design make these units easy to maneuver.

CP Compaction Equipment - Duplex Roller
CP Compaction Equipment - Duplex Roller

Our tandem roller
A fully hydraulic system makes our asphalt roller easy to maneuver close to walls and borders. It's ideal for small jobs, repair work and compaction in confined areas.

For pure compaction power, turn to our walk-behind double drum roller. It's built for all-day productivity with full hydraulic operation as well as a large water tank that minimizes refills and protects hydraulic components.
The world-class oil-cooling system also helps maintain uptime, and the durability in rugged conditions helps ensure a long service life. Our units are well suited for compacting thin layers of granular soils and asphalt.

Used for compacting thin layers on granular soils and asphalt, plus applications where precision control is needed to handle small tolerances, such as close to walls and borders.

Engine Hatz 1D42S
Fuel Diesel
Start Electric
Max Power kW (hp) 7.2 (9,7)
Rated Speed rpm 3,200
Max Forward Speed m/min 60
Net Weight kg 765
Drum width mm 650
Centrifugal Force kN 21.8
H/A Vibrations m/s² 4.1
Sound Power Level
dB(A) 107
Sound Pressure at
Operators Ear
dB(A) 88
Part Number 3382 0005 56

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