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ATLAS Portable Energy Solutions - Air Compressors
ATLAS Portable Energy Solutions - Air Compressors The essential companion for companies that need to take the tools to perform their work with them - wherever they go. Towed and transported by vehicles across the globe, our range of air compressors were developed in conjunction with our customers. You can be assured of the widest portfolio, with market-leading design and innovation. We focus on compact size and weight, coupled with superior levels of efficiency.


ATLAS Air Compressors - Ready To Go

One of the most highly anticipated launches of 2016, the 8 Series compressor range incorporates the latest advances in air element design and delivers improved efficiency. The 8 Series features 10 models, with the latest HardHat® canopy. Originally launched in 2005, this is our toughest design yet.

Every model in the range weighs below 750kg, including a full-size fuel tank, generator and aftercooler, allowing them to be towed behind a normal passenger car without a special driving license. The new range uses 12% less fuel than comparable products and only requires less than an hour's total service time over two years of operation.


ATLAS Air Compressors - Versatility

The versatile XAT(V)S 186 range is comprised of two models featuring an intuitive PACE system (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics), which enables multiple pressure and flow settings to help users match air flow and pressure to their application needs, without needing multiple compressor units.

Our state-of-the-art air element and John Deere stage IV engine, coupled with the PACE system, ensure higher efficiency, longer service intervals, unmatched reliability, increased lifetime and lower cost of ownership. Operators using multiple machines to cover flow demands up to 11m3/min and pressures from 7 to 14 bar now need only one compressor.


ATLAS Air Compressors - Productivity Partner

The XATS 900E electric portable compressor combines smart engineering, proven technology and quality components. Perfect for sites with a ready supply of power, the XATS 900E is easy to install as it requires no additional foundations.

The corrosion-resistant canopy of the compressor is designed for use in all weather conditions, without the need for additional rooms and enclosures. The XATS 900E delivers compressed air from 7 to 10 bar (100 to 150 psi) with a flow of up to 25m3/min (900 cfm).

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